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The year was 2007. The place - the tranquil estate of Tiong Bahru. Once, a proud rooster ruled the grounds between Yong Siak Steet and Bo Bo Tan Gardens. The sole survivor of a witch hunt by the mighty authorities during the bird flu epidemic which decimated three of its brother roosters, this fine specimen of a rooster achieved celebrity status by the sheer strength of his will. Residents doted on him and cars screeched to a halt as he crossed the roads in his daily strolls. He even ate from the same bowl as a neighborhood cat notorious for its pigeon-killing sprees. His mysterious air of command was sure and absolute.

As time went by (as it always does), Bo Bo Tan Gardens was reclaimed by the authorities and the proud rooster was slowly integrated into local legend. Outwitting his foes and never showing fear, the Tiong Bahru Rooster is revered even till this present day. The story of the rooster has become a part of Coq & Balls as we continue to honor a local legend and embody all he stood for – always standing proud and showing some balls.

Come down in your best Zombie Get up with 4 or more Zombies and enjoy a round of shots on us!
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